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Home & Vehicle Modification

Cost containment is the byproduct of great processes. Having a partner who can manage the project, keep it on time and ON budget is key.


Supported by a team of Certified Environmental Access Consultants (C.E.A.C.) associates, HOMELINK's Modification program specializes in the coordination of home, vehicle and workplace modifications. This means you will receive a level of professionalism and knowledge found only at HOMELINK.

With over 800 providers located across the nation, HOMELINK’s network of contractors makes our Home Modification division THE NATION’S LARGEST PROVIDER OF ANCILLARY HEALTH CARE SERVICES to hundreds of workers’ compensation, auto, group health and FEHBA clients.

For this reason, HOMELINK’s modification programs strictly adheres to our pillars of modification excellence.

Image explaining VGM Homelink having 800 providers across United States


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  • Coordinate with OTs, contractors, architects and engineers for evaluations
  • Utilize experts on ADA standards and requirements
  • Develop scope of work based on medical necessity and what is reasonably required
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  • Secure direct pricing from manufacturers
  • Access to more than 800 credentialed providers
  • Provide cost estimates that are reasonable, necessary and appropriate
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  • Administer standardized estimates for pricing continuity and accuracy
  • Provide project oversight and frequent updates to prevent costly delays
  • Deliver 24-hour access to patient care coordinators
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Clinical Oversight & Industry Experts

  • Support through HOMELINK’s catastrophic clinical team
  • Employ C.E.A.C.-certified specialists
  • Submit supporting documentation with corresponding pictures
  • Experience the Difference:

  • Call (800) 482-1993 888-501-3591

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